The Burning Edge of Dawn
Andrew Peterson

The Burning Edge of Dawn

$ 9.99


Andrew Peterson's highly anticipated new album The Burning Edge of Dawn is available now. The Burning Edge of Dawn is a beautiful display of masterful storytelling and epic melodies that we have come to love from Andrew Peterson. It features the single "Be Kind to Yourself," and fan favorites "My One Safe Place," "The Rain Keeps Falling," and "I Want To Say I'm Sorry."

Track listing: 

  1. The Dark Before The Dawn
  2. Every Star Is A Burning Flame
  3. We Will Survive
  4. My One Safe Place
  5. The Rain Keeps Falling
  6. Rejoice
  7. I Want To Say I'm Sorry
  8. Be Kind To Yourself
  9. Power Of A Great Affection
  10. The Sower's Song