How Can It Be (Deluxe Edition) [Vinyl LP]
Lauren Daigle

How Can It Be (Deluxe Edition) [Vinyl LP]

$ 29.99

Lauren Daigle's How Can It Be (Deluxe Edition) 2 disc vinyl LP features 17-songs including the hit songs "Trust In You," "First," & "How Can It Be."

Track List: 

Side A:
1. First
2. How Can It Be
3. Trust In You
4. My Revival

Side B:
1. Loyal
2. Power to Redeem feat. All Sons & Daughters
3. Here’s My Heart
4. O'Lord (Album Version)
Side C:
1. I Am Yours
2. Come Alive (Dry Bones)
3. Salt & Light
4. Once And For All
5. Now Is Forever (Bonus Track)
Side D:
1. Wordless (Bonus Track)
2. First (Deluxe Sessions)
3. Come Alive (Dry Bones) (Deluxe Sessions)
4. How Can It Be (Live)