The River (Deluxe Edition)
Jordan Feliz

The River (Deluxe Edition)

$ 9.99


Jordan Feliz's The River Deluxe Edition is available now and features 4 remixes & Best of Me (Live)!

Track Listing: 

  1. Carry Your Troubles (Intro)
  2. The River
  3. Never Too Far Gone
  4. Best of Me
  5. Beloved
  6. Simple
  7. Cheer You On
  8. Your Great Hands
  9. Live It Out
  10. How Long
  11. Satisfied
  12. The River (Neon Feather Mix)
  13. Beloved (NEVA Remix) (featuring Joshua Luke Smith)
  14. Never Too Far Gone (Isaiah Tejada Remix)
  15. Satisfied (goodnewsbadnews Remix)
  16. Best of Me (Live From the Roadshow)